10 min = 20.000€ (#187)

Ask yourself: “How much time do I really wasting during my day?“ – Just make it intuitionally.

Usually I bet, you are around 2-10 hours per day.
And I assume these hours withot defining what „wasting“ means for each individual.
We are really good in defining our „wasting time“.

That´s between 14 – 70h per week.

Let´s assume that a typical workweek ist about 40 hours.

Let´s assume additionally that one hour of our time is worth 60€

52 weeks per year = >125.000 €

10 years = 1.250.000 €

This means, that just 10 Minutes per day focus will bring you 20.000€ EACH YEAR

(the earlier we invest an hour in “our” life/education/training etc. the more this hour ist paying of. If you invest an hour in learning with age 20, it can pay off a life long)

“Stop wasting time”

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