My Idea Process – Part one (ThM#249)

Every day I try to come up with new ideas. Sometimes one, sometimes 50 or more.
Sometimes crap, sometimes ok, and from time to time I will find some diamonds.

But how often I have to fight with the damned first idea?

The coming ideas are helping me to come up at least with one idea.

My Ideas from consumption

Think about, what you consume.
It’s not all about creativity – it’s about consumption.

It’s about connecting things you consume to come up with new ideas.

The more things you have to connect – the more ideas you can create – the better your ideas will become.

Think about:

⁃ Books

⁃ Shows

⁃ Blogs

⁃ Pictures

⁃ Articles

⁃ People you have met or you know

⁃ Podcasts

⁃ Audio books

⁃ Movies

⁃ Comics

⁃ Newspapers

⁃ Magazines

But keep in mind:

The quality what you consume, will influence the quality of your ideas.

Junk in = Junk out


… consumption is not enough. You have to work with it.

After consuming …

⁃ talk about it

⁃ Write it down in your own words

⁃ try to explain it to your Kids

⁃ Draw your ideas

⁃ speak them out (record them)

⁃ Try “idea sex” (combine ideas)

This will unlock new ideas.

Photo by Stoica Ionela on Unsplash


Let’s say I am looking for new Ideas where to find new team members for my company.

Today I have read an article about kids and their way to school (walk, bus, car…).

Tomorrow we (3 Friends) will see the movie „Bad Boys 2“.

⁃ I can place advertising to the busses

⁃ I can talk to my 3 friends

⁃ I can ask to post it at the schools notice board

⁃ How much will cinema advertising costs?

⁃ Are the people behind the cinema counter looking for jobs

⁃ …

You get the point

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Article Photo by CJ Dayrit on Unsplash

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